The Gary, Indiana facility is located within the Great Lakes Industrial Center (GLIC) and occupies 100,000 sft of covered warehouse. Within 2 miles of I-90 and approximately 10 miles from the closest port (Federal Marine), tractor-trailer traffic is a cinch. Rail service is provided by Norfolk Southern (NS) as well as Canadian National (CN).
Gary, IN
201 Mississippi St.
Gary, IN 46402
Toll Free: 888.686.5815
Tel: 219.886.0281
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Materials Aluminum
Galvanized/Zinc coated
Carbon Steel
Coil O.D. 77” maximum (Entry) 73” (Exit)
Coil I.D. 20” min (Entry) 20” – 24” (Exit)
Incoming Width 5” minimum 72” maximum
Slitting Width .625” minimum 72” maximum
Material Thickness 0.010” minimum 0.187” maximum
Weight Capacity 60,000# maximum (handling only)
58,000# maximum (slitting)

Cut-To-Length Line

Andes Coil-Midwest added a 60-inch cut-to-length line to the existing 72-inch and two 60-inch slitting lines, expanding the facility’s ability to process material to 4 lines running seven machine shifts with capabilities between .011- and .1875-inch thickness; up to 72-inch-wide master coils; and as narrow as .625-inches.

    Incoming Capacity

  • 55,000# Master Coils – All carbon, Aluminum, Stainless & PTD
  • 60.00” Maximum Coil Width (+ 1 ½”) / 12.00” Minimum Coil Width 76” Max OD / 16”
    Minimum ID & 24” Maximum ID
  • Leveling Capabilities

  • .056-.187 x 60” Wide Straightener
  • .016-.100 Herr Voss Corrective Leveler
  • Production Capacity

  • .016-.156 Gauge
  • +/-.005 Width Tolerance (If slit prior / otherwise mill edge)
  • +.015 /-.015 Length Tolerance
  • 144” Maximum Length / 12” Minimum Length
  • Packaging Capacity

  • 20,000# Maximum Stack weight / 24” Maximum Stack Ht. (Including Pallet)

Edge & Shape Conditioning/Correction

Andes Coil Processors provides edge conditioning on material up to .250″thick to 10″ wide. We can provide full round, round, deburred or square edges on material up to .250″ thick in coil-to-coil and up to .1875″ thick custom lengths.

Additional services now available:

  • Decambering: Previously slit, cambered material corrected.
  • Slit Edge Correction: Poorly slit material with edge defects often can be reworked (slivers, excessive burr, “chatter/islands,” etc.).
  • Gauge/Width Reduction: Depending on gauge, material slit up to .030″ over the originally required width, or material slightly over gauge, can be reduced.
  • Wave Correction: Slit material that encountered a wavy surface may be corrected.
  • Brushing: Remove rust, stain, dirt, oil by brushing with absorbent or abrasive pads.