Andes Coil Processors provides edge conditioning on material up to .250″thick to 10″ wide. We can provide full round, round, deburred or square edges on material up to .250″ thick in coil-to-coil and up to .1875″ thick custom lengths.

Additional services now available:

  • Decambering: Previously slit, cambered material corrected.
  • Slit Edge Correction: Poorly slit material with edge defects often can be reworked (slivers, excessive burr, “chatter/islands,” etc.).
  • Gauge/Width Reduction: Depending on gauge, material slit up to .030″ over the originally required width, or material slightly over gauge, can be reduced.
  • Wave Correction: Slit material that encountered a wavy surface may be corrected.
  • Brushing: Remove rust, stain, dirt, oil by brushing with absorbent or abrasive pads.