The Gary, Indiana facility is located within the Great Lakes Industrial Center (GLIC) and occupies 160,000 sq. ft. of covered warehouse. Within 2 miles of I-90 and approximately 10 miles from the closest port (Federal Marine), tractor-trailer traffic is a cinch. Rail service is provided by Norfolk Southern (NS) as well as Canadian National (CN).
Gary, IN
201 Mississippi St.
Gary, IN 46402
Toll Free: 888.686.5815
Tel: 219.886.0281
Fax: 219.886.3337



Materials Pre-Painted
Galvanized/Zinc coated
Carbon Steel
Coil O.D. 77” maximum (Entry) 73” (Exit)
Coil I.D. 20” min (Entry) 20” – 24” (Exit)
Incoming Width 5” minimum 72” maximum
Slitting Width .625” minimum 72” maximum
Material Thickness 0.010” minimum 0.187” maximum
Weight Capacity 60,000# maximum (handling only)
58,000# maximum (slitting)

Cut-To-Length Line

Andes Coil-Midwest added a 60-inch cut-to-length line to the existing 72-inch and two 60-inch slitting lines, expanding the facility’s ability to process material to 4 lines running seven machine shifts with capabilities between .011- and .1875-inch thickness; up to 72-inch-wide master coils; and as narrow as .625-inches.

    Incoming Capacity

  • 55,000# Master Coils – All carbon, Aluminum, Stainless & PTD
  • 60.00” Maximum Coil Width (+ 1 ½”) / 12.00” Minimum Coil Width 76” Max OD / 16”
    Minimum ID & 24” Maximum ID
  • Leveling Capabilities

  • .056-.187 x 60” Wide Straightener
  • .016-.100 Herr Voss Corrective Leveler
  • Production Capacity

  • .016-.156 Gauge
  • +/-.005 Width Tolerance (If slit prior / otherwise mill edge)
  • +.015 /-.015 Length Tolerance
  • 144” Maximum Length / 12” Minimum Length
  • Packaging Capacity

  • 20,000# Maximum Stack weight / 24” Maximum Stack Ht. (Including Pallet)


The embossing procedure is a unique, metal-forming process producing raised and/or sunken designs into metal without changing the material thickness. Andes Coil Proccessors’ line provides the non-directional stucco pattern, producing a depth of up to .013 inch. This pattern services shelving products, industrial flooring, building products and many other products in related industries.

The line runs at a speed of 250 feet per minute plus, running coils between 5 inches in width up to 52 inches wide with gauge ranges between .010- and .045-inch thickness for steel products and .010- and .080-inch thickness for aluminum products. The maximum incoming and outgoing weight capacity is 25,000 pounds.