Running (3) high capacity, high volume slitting lines and a Cut-To-Length line affords Andes Coil Processors-Texas Division the flexibility to schedule your Just-InTime needs as well as maintaining a custom stocking program tailored to your production requirements.

The Lewisville, TX Operations houses (2) dual-head slitters that can process materials from 0.015” up to 0.250” in thickness. Incoming master coils can range from 12” up to 62”, with a maximum outside diameter (OD) of 72”. Maximum processing weight of 42,000#. Our Cut-To-Length line can level sheets ranging from 0.135” thickness down to .035”. The maximum width for master coils is 60” and the minimum width is 18”. The uncoiler can support weights up to 30,000#. The minimum length we can level is 30” and the maximum length is 144”.

The Dallas, TX Operations features a dual injecta-head slitting line with in-line levelling capability. Material thickness capacity of 0.015” up to 0.250”, width range of 12” up to 62”, and a maximum coil weight of 50,000#.

Featuring 60,000 sft under roof, the Lewisville production facility can accommodate 12 rail cars per switch. Unloading either by rail or truck is achieved by any of our (3) overhead cranes: 15 ton; 20 ton; or 30 ton. Post production, finished goods inventory is contained within 40,000 sft of covered warehouse. In Dallas, up to 6 rail cars can be unloaded under roof via our 30 ton or 100 ton/20 ton cranes within the 54,000 sft of covered warehouse.